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Super Mario Maker™ 2 Invitational 2019

Let’s-a go!

Four very special guests— thedragonfeeney, Yellowkillerbee, Abdallah, and The Completionist—were invited to test their skills on some custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 courses, courtesy of the game experts from Nintendo’s Treehouse.

In the end, Abdallah came out on top—congrats!

The winner is Abdallah!

Meet the players

The Completionist

Tournament Format

Players will take on a variety of original courses designed by Nintendo’s Treehouse.

Round One

The four players will each compete in timed speed runs.

Round Two

Players will split into teams of two and work together to complete the course. The winning team will move onto the Finals.


The remaining two players will face off in three objective-based mini-courses and one final course to determine the champion.

See official rules


Jordan Kent