Nintendo @ E3 2019
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Warp Pipe Pass FAQ

What is a Warp Pipe Pass and what is the benefit of getting one?

  • A Warp Pipe Pass is a reservation that will allow you to play a select game during a specific day and time period at one of our events (in this case, E3 2019).
  • Warp Pipe Pass holders at E3 2019 will take a short cut and gain priority access in line during their designated time to line up and play.
  • Warp Pipe Passes are great for E3 attendees who like to plan out their day in advance and reduce their wait time in lines to play.
  • There is no cost for Warp Pipe Passes at E3 2019.

How do I get a Warp Pipe Pass for E3 2019 and what are the requirements?

  1. You must have a valid E3 2019 badge to get into the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall and to the Nintendo booth.
  2. A Nintendo Account is required to be able to sign up for a Warp Pipe Pass.
  3. If you have the above, you will be able to register for a Warp Pipe Pass online. Additional registration information will be announced at a later time.

Warp Pipe Passes are only available while supplies last.

How do I get a Gamer Pass, Industry Pass, or Business Pass to get into E3?

Please go to

How do I sign up for a Nintendo account?

Please go to in a web browser, and follow the steps. It is free to set up a Nintendo Account.

Users aged 13 or older can create a Nintendo Account. Nintendo Account users age 18 and older can create and add up to five Nintendo accounts for children (age 17 and under) to their Nintendo Account. Users age 12 and under cannot create a Nintendo Account. They can only be created within an existing parent / guardian’s Nintendo Account. Terms apply.

What if I have a My Nintendo account? Would that work?

Yes. A My Nintendo account will allow you to access Warp Pipe Passes.

I have an account associated with my Nintendo Switch. Does that account login work?

Yes. You can use your account that’s associated on your Nintendo Switch device.

What are the official days/hours of E3?

DateIndustry Pass*Gamer PassTuesday, June 1111:00 am - 7:00 pm2:00 pm - 7:00 pmWednesday, June 129:00 am - 7:00 pm12:00 pm - 7:00 pmThursday, June 139:00 am - 6:00 pm9:00 am - 6:00 pm

*Industry-Qualified Attendees, Media, Exhibitors, VIP Buyers, and Premium Pass Holders

Does a Warp Pipe Pass get me into E3 2019?

No, you must have a valid E3 2019 badge to get into the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall and to the Nintendo booth.

Do you need a Warp Pipe Pass in order to play these games?

  • No, it’s not required to get a Warp Pipe Pass to play these games. Warp Pipe Passes help reduce your wait time in line to play that particular game.
  • If you do not want to commit to a specific time, game demos will have standby lines. Warp Pipe Pass holders will have priority access over those in standby lines.

What if the Warp Pipe Passes run out? Will I be able to sign up on-site for a pass?

No, you will not be able to sign up on-site to reserve a pass for the same day. However, you will be able to sign up for a pass for the following day, should there be any passes available. Only a limited amount of Warp Pipe Passes will be available for select games. There will also be a regular, standby line available.

Can I register for more than one pass for the same game?

  • No, attendees can only register for one pass, per game, per day.
  • Reservations with more than one pass to one game title per day will be cancelled.

Can I make changes to the names on my reservation or can I give my pass to a friend or family member?

Warp Pipe Passes are non-transferrable.

I arrived early for my Warp Pipe Pass window. Can I redeem my pass?

No, please come to the booth during your designated time that is stated on your pass.

What if I missed my Warp Pipe Pass arrival window? Can I still play that game?

If you miss your time slot to redeem your Warp Pipe Pass, your pass is no longer valid for the Warp Pipe Pass entry line. However, you can still use the standby line.

What if I redeemed my pass, but got out of line to go to the bathroom or visit another booth quickly. Can I go back in line?

Once your pass has been scanned, it is marked as redeemed, and you no longer can get back into the Warp Pipe Pass line. However, you can wait in the standby line.

Can I cancel my reservation?

We encourage you to cancel your reservation if you’re not able to attend. This will allow others the opportunity to reserve a pass in advance.

Is there a waitlist?

There will not be a waitlist available. However, there will be standby lines on-site.

What is the cost of a pass?

There is no cost for a pass.

I want to ensure that my friend and I can go at the same hour. How do I do that?

Nintendo cannot guarantee that you will be able to secure the same time slot. We encourage you and your friend to access the event site when passes go live to have the best chance to try and reserve your Warp Pipe Passes together.

Can I register for my friend?

No, but if they are also attending E3, we encourage your friend to try and secure their own pass(es). If they do not have a Nintendo Account, they can sign up for one, free of charge, by visiting

Where is the Nintendo booth located?

The booth is located in the West Exhibit Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Can you accommodate a person with special needs? Is the booth wheelchair accessible?

Nintendo is happy to consider accessibility requests and will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations where possible. Please send an email with your request and the word Accessibility in the subject line by May 14 to E3 show management at Upon your arrival at the Nintendo booth, please check with a Nintendo staff member to share your request.

If someone doesn’t show up for their designated time, will you be taking any standby players?

Yes, there will be a standby line for attendees.

Do I need to print out my pass?

  • You can either show your pass to a staff member electronically or print out your pass.
  • We recommend printing your ticket if possible to ensure that it is available to be scanned upon entry.

Additional Warp Pipe Pass information coming soon.